Everyone defines that personally for themselves. We carry the source of our individual health within us. Discover yours! To arrange life afterwards is an exciting as well as rewarding task.

Quote from  Heike Burzki

Health awareness at the Sonnreich



With a fasting holiday in Bad Loipersdorf
you will treat yourself and your body
very special. You will be able to leave occupational stress and the sensory
overload of everyday life far behind and
just take a break.


Back to the lightness of being in a holistic
process that combines healthy fasting
with movement in the wonderful green
nature in Bad Loipersdorf.


Therapeutic fasting at Das Sonnreich in Bad Loipersdorf
Pure relaxation during health holidays in Styria - DAS SONNREICH****
Therapeutic fasting

Health holidays at the SONNREICH


Use the power of self-purification and start over the daily life refreshed and with more power.


„Enjoy light alkaline". With the 16:8 interval fasting you can settle your body, relax your soul and let your mind wander.


All this combined with pleasant activities, delicious alkaline cuisine, time outs for yourself or in a group and a lot information for a perfect implementation for your daily life. The alkaline cuisine is vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and without yeast.


Interval fasting
Healthy food during interval fasting in Bad Loipersdorf - DAS SONNREICH****