Where you

take time

for your family

Family time means taking time for your loved ones

Due the stressful daily life we allow ourselves to be distracted too often and set our priorities differently. Spending time with family is becoming more and more important. Because of the daily life we forget to spend the time with our loved ones. Stop searching for the perfect family holiday right here - you already found it here.

Familytime in the hotel

The hotel has a convenient and bathrobe friendly direct connection to the Thermal spa resort Loipersdorf. Easily you and your family can go to the thermal spa resort in bathing clothes. And to make sure you don't forget anything we give you a huge beach bag with bathrobes and bath towels for the duration of your stay.

Family time at the Thermal spa resort Loipersdorf

3,2,1 – GOOOOOOO! At the water park action and fun are the center of attention and that for the whole family. Five different slides give you the adrenaline rush, the indoor water playground made of wood is perfect for little spider monkeys and the baby beach is ideal for digging in the sand.